• China conducts successful third anti-missile test

    China has successfully conducted a land-based anti-missile test, stated to be the third of its kind, as part of its efforts to build a missile shield to intercept incoming warheads.

  • Malabar naval exercise not aimed at containing China: Pentagon

    The annual India-US bilateral Malabar naval exercise which kicked off on Thursday in the Asia Pacific region is not aimed at containing China, the Pentagon has said.

  • India, US, Japan to hold naval wargames in Pacific Ocean

    The "highly complex" naval wargames in the Pacific Ocean in the area adjacent to the East China Sea would involve the US Navy's latest aircraft carrier USS George Washington, a nuclear submarine whereas India is taking part with three of its warships, Navy officials said.

  • US Air Force to launch new surveillance satellites

    The US Air Force will launch new satellites on Wednesday to track those of other countries and counter possible threats to American spacecraft, officials said.

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India Israel Relations

Two decades have elapsed since the opening of diplomatic relations and India Israel relationship has prospered due to democratic traditions, similar judicial systems, ease of communicating in the English language and exchange of technical and industrial knowledge.