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ATK successfully tests third Next-Generation Solid Rocket Motor

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Development Motor (DM-3). Photo: ATK

UTAH (BNS): ATK has successfully conducted third ground test of the next-generation solid rocket motor on Thursday.

The test which is also known as Development Motor (DM-3) is an important milestone in further validating the rocket's potential use in heavy lift and commercial launch vehicles.

According to ATK, initial test data indicate the motor performed as designed, producing approximately 3.6 million pounds of thrust, or 22 million horsepower, and burning for just over two minutes.

"This test is the third in a critical series of static tests to evolve and confirm the motor configuration while providing applicable technology maturation for next-generation systems," Charlie Precourt, vice president and general manager, ATK Aerospace Systems, Space Launch Systems, said.

DM-3 motor measures 12 feet in diameter and 154 feet in length. The five-segment motor is based on the Space Shuttle's four-segment boosters, but it has been upgraded to incorporate modern technologies and materials that were not used on the shuttle booster.

Derived from the four-segment reusable solid rocket motor used on the Space Shuttle Program, the current five-segment design provides opportunity for expansion and further optimization to provide up to 130 metric tons of payload capacity.


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