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HJT-16 Kiran MK II: India's defence arm

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HJT-16 Kiran MK II aircraft of Indian Navy.

The HAL HJT-16 Kiran (Ray of Light) is an Indian two-seat basic jet trainer built by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

HJT-16 Kiran first flew in the year 1964 and was inducted into the Indian Air Force in 1973. The trainer aircraft has three varients, namely, MK I, MKIA and MK II.

HJT-16 Kiran MK II

Kiran MK II aircraft is the improved version of the HAL Kiran. The aircraft is used for intermediate flight and weapons training.

The length of Kiran MK II aircraft is 10.60m and height of 3.63m including a 10.70m wingspan. With a maximum weight of 4235kg, the aircraft can cruise at a maximum speed of 695km/h.

It has four hardpoints and integral twin 7.62 mm machine guns in nose and a Rolls-Royce Orpheus engine. In the armament section, the aircraft can carry 2 x 227kg bombs or 14 x 68mm unguided missiles.

The Indian Navy has a fleet of 20 Kiran aircraft - 12 Mk-I and eight Mk II aircraft - which are based in Goa.

The Kiran aircraft is used by the Indian Air Force aerobatic team Surya Kiran and Indian naval aerobatic team Sagar Pawan.

Sagar Pawan is one of the only two naval aerobatic teams in the world, the other being the Blue Angels of the US Navy.

The Indian Navy uses four HJT-16 Kiran Mk II aircraft for aerobatic demonstration, and are based at the Dabolim Naval Air Station, INS Hansa in Goa. The planes are generally painted in dark blue and white. It gives out white, red and blue smokes.

Recently, in the wake of a naval aerobatic team (Sagar Pawan) aircraft crash in Hyderabad during the India Aviation show, the Indian Navy has grounded its entire fleet of Kiran aircraft.

Indian Navy has said that if the probe team found no problems with the aircraft, the fleet would be airborne soon.

HJT-16 Kiran will soon be replaced with the new HAL HJT-36 trainer aircraft by the Indian Air Force. IAF has already placed orders for 12 such aircraft. HJT-36 Sitara is presently undergoing flight trials at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

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[Technical Specification collected from an open source]

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