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IDF unveils new rocket launch detection system

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Advanced optical system known as Othello system. Photo: IDF

JERUSALEM (BNS): Israel Aerospace Industries has unveiled an advanced optical system known as Othello system, which will help to detect launches (of rockets, anti-tank missiles and artillery) by identifying the optical signature during launches.

According to IDF, the system is able to determine the launch site in real-time situation which will be helpful for IDF to respond immediately.

The Othello system is still at its advance stage of testing, and it will be installed on armored combat vehicles, light tactical vehicles and airborne platforms.

IDF has also unveiled Rex system which is a small robotic platform capable of carrying 200 kilograms while accompanying soldiers operating in the field.

"The future is unmanned robotic and aerial vehicles. We have a lot of work to do but we are advancing unmanned technologies in order to reduce casualties,” IDF quoted an aerospace industry official as saying.

Rex is intended to accompany groups of 3-10 soldiers during missions and can operate for 72 hours without refueling, it said.


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