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Thales,Renault Trucks present joint digitised vehicle solution

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The VAB Mk3. A Thales phptp.

PARIS (BNS): Thales and Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) have joined forces to extend the capabilities of the VAB Mk3 new-generation armoured personnel carrier.

Under this partnership, the VAB Mk3 crew station will be fully configurable to the type of mission, displays the real-time image from a turret-mounted camera, providing the three main operators (infantry squad leader, gunner and driver) with a shared picture of the tactical environment.

The turret is also slaved to a hostile fire detection system, enabling the crew to respond more quickly and more efficiently to threats.

The radio system, coupled with the vehicle's core electronics, ensures voice and data links the rest of the digitised battlespace, particularly other armoured vehicles.

In addition, the VAB Mk3's internal communication network offers extended range for dismounted operations, enabling infantry to stay in radio contact at distances up to 1,000 metres from the vehicle, depending on which options customers choose.

An exclusive navigation aid incorporating route profiles and terrain information, coupled with a hybrid GPS / inertial navigation system, ensures a high level of geopositioning accuracy and can also be connected to a target designation system.

For the pilot, further capabilities include a driving aid with day and night video feeds. Vehicle logistics data (fuel, munitions, etc.) can also be relayed to higher levels of command, allowing the crew to autonomously manage its energy use to maximise the VAB Mk3's endurance for very long missions.


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