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US defence firm gets contract to modify two Jordanian aircraft

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The CASA 235 transport aircraft. An Airbus Military photo

ABU DHABI, UAE (BNS): A Jordanian defence firm has contracted US defence company ATK to convert two of Jordan Armed Force’s CASA-235 transport aircraft into armed gunships.

The King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) has awarded the contract to ATK which will modify the two military transport planes into “highly-capable and cost-effective special mission aircraft.”

ATK’s special mission aircraft offerings integrate intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) sensors, fire control equipment, and a LW30mm link-fed gun system, the company said.

Subject to US Government export licensing approval, the modified aircraft are expected to be delivered to Jordan by the late spring of 2013, ATK said in a statement.

Under the contract, ATK will install and integrate electro-optical targeting systems, a laser designator, aircraft self-protection equipment, and an armaments capability that includes Hellfire laser-guided missiles, 2.75-inch rockets, and a M230 link-fed 30mm chain gun.

The M230 family of guns also arms the Apache attack helicopter.

ATK’s scope of work would include development, systems integration, aircraft modification, and testing. Work will be performed in Jordan and at three of ATK’s facilities in the US.

The modified aircraft will provide an enhanced capability to conduct responsive defence, counterinsurgency, and border surveillance and security missions.


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