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Xi revamps military HQ; directs PLA to obey Party orders

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BEIJING (PTI): President Xi Jinping on Monday directed China's 2.3 million-member armed forces to strictly follow the orders of the ruling Communist Party and focus on winning wars as he reorganised the military headquarters structure firming up his grip on the world's largest army.

Xi reorganised four army headquarters by replacing them with 15 new agencies under the Central Military Commission (CMC) headed by him.

He asked officers to unswervingly follow the "absolute leadership" of Communist Party of China during a meet with the new heads of the reorganised organs of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

Xi, who is also the CPC chief beside being the chairman of the CMC which make him the strongest Chinese leader in recent times, said military leaders must adhere to the Party spirit, obey political discipline, and "be politically intelligent," with firm political faith and right political stance.

Military leaders need to sharpen their political alertness and become better at discerning right and wrong in political matters, Xi said.

He said winning wars should be their central task.

The military organs must concentrate on the study of military affairs, wars and how to fight battles, and strengthen their awareness in preparing for war at any time, Xi said.

In a major reform of its military, Xi has reorganised PLA's four military headquarters, staff, politics, logistics and armaments into 15 new agencies under the CMC.

The new structure includes new commissions -- discipline inspection, politics and law and science and technology as well as the general office, the report said.

The reform also includes formation of five more divisions, administration, auditing, international cooperation, reform, organisational structure and strategic planning.

There are six new departments, joint staff, political work, logistical support, equipment development, training, and national defence.

Xi described the reshuffle as "a breakthrough" and called the new leadership system "a crucial step" towards a stronger military.

This is part of major reforms initiated by Xi to revamp the PLA. His reforms include retrenchment of three lakh troops to make the force lean and mean.


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