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India Keen to buy more AWACS

The first of India’s three AWACS, a Phalcon Israeli radar system mounted on a Russian IL-76 aircraft...

India to receive first Phalcon AWACS on May 24

India will be the first country in South-Asian region to get Airborne Early Warning and Control Syst...

India to get AWACS on May 20: Major

First AWACS to be delivered to INDIA under the $1.1-billion deal signed in March 2004 with Israel...

Geostationary solar powered airship to replace AWACS

The High Altitude Airship is an un-tethered, unmanned lighter-than-air vehicle that will operate abo...

India to get Phalcon AWACS in May

India will get its first 'eye in the sky', the Phalcon AirborneWarning and Control Systems (AWACS), ...

Russia to deliver first AWACS plane to India 'soon'

Russia will deliver the first A-50 AWACS aircraft developed on the basis of Il-76MD military transpo...

Indian Air Force gears up for AWACs

The Agra air force base is upgrading itself to welcome the Israeli Phalcons that are set to give a g...

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