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US's Aegis destroyers may take part in Yellow Sea naval drill

The wargames to be held next month will be “scaled down” following China's protest again...

US Navy awards Aegis upgrade contract to Raytheon

Under the Aegis modernisation contract, Raytheon will implement various ordnance alterations to enha...

Raytheon awarded $59 mln Aegis advanced procurement contract

Raytheon will provide advanced procurement materials and associated services for the AN/SPY-1D (V) t...

Spanish and US naval ships test Aegis Combat System

The Aegis integrated naval weapon system demonstrates its capabilities on board US Navy’s USS Dewey,...

Australian warship to be fitted with Aegis System

Air Warfare Destroyer HMAS Hobart, being developed for Royal Australian Navy, will be equipped with ...

Aegis interceptor fails to shoot down missile

The Japanese navy failed to intercept an incoming ballistic missile during the Aegis Ballistic Missi...

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