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Bhutan's intl airport has world's scariest runway

Paro, located at 7,300 feet above sea level, is known to give nail-biting and hair-raising moments t...

Tight security at Delhi International Airport following firing scare

Security at the Indira Gandhi International Airport beefed up after passengers claim to have heard t...

Bangkok airport loses million dollars in shut down

One of world's busiest airports reports losses worth over million dollars after anti-government prot...

Indian airports on high alert, IAF braces for aerial terror attack

Security beefed up at airports following reports of Pakistan or Afghan terrorists striking the count...

Security at Indian airports strengthened

Security at airports across the country strengthened in the wake of intelligence inputs that terrori...

Indian officials review security measures at airports

Top officials take stock of security preparedness in airports and airspace, review steps to deal wit...

India issues guidelines for Greenfield airports

The ministry of defence was initially reluctant to give permission to set up new airports near sensi...

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