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India's Arjun MBT Mark II to be tested soon

The latest version of India's main battle tank, Arjun Mark II, will be tested for the first time at ...

Advanced version of Arjun MBT getting ready for user trials

The new Arjun MK-II main battle tank, equipped with missile-firing capabilities and laser finders, w...

Indian Army to procure 124 advanced version of Arjun MBT

The Army has placed order for 124 Mark II version of the Arjun Main Battle Tank which the DRDO is pr...

DRDO designing advanced version of Arjun MBTs for Indian Army

The defence organisation is designing the mark II version of the main battle tank as per the require...

Indian Army places order for 124 more Arjun MBTs

The additional 124 MBTs would help the Army to raise two more regiments of the indigenous tanks....

Arjun MBTs to be tested against Russian T-90s

The Indian Army will be testing the indigenous MBT against the proven Russian T-90s before May....

Efforts on to fully indigenise Tejas LCA, Arjun MBT: Antony

India planning to develop all required engines and equipment for Arjun main battle tank and Tejas li...

DRDO hands over 16 Arjun MBTs to Indian Army

Indian Army is now equipped with the first armoured regiment of the indigenously built Main Battle T...

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