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World's first electric aircraft takes maiden flight

The world's first airplane completely powered by electricity has successfully taken to the skies for...

Mars rover Curiosity bounces back from electrical glitch

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has resumed full science operations after a successful diagnosis of the ...

Hybrid electric aircraft 'DA36 E-Star' debuts at Paris Air Show

The DA36 E-Star, a two-seater motor glider aircraft which is based on hybrid electric drive concept ...

Cassini sees Saturn's electric link with Enceladus

NASA is releasing the first images and sounds of an electrical connection between Saturn and one of ...

All-electric aircraft Cri-Cri completes maiden flight

The all-electric aircraft Cri-Cri is powered by four brushless electric motors driving counter-rotat...

Coyote- The electric-powered UAV

The UAV is designed for aircraft rack storage and launch from a standard naval sonobuoy system....

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