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NASA to send robotic mission to Europa in search for life

NASA is planning to send a daring robotic mission by 2025 to Jupiter's watery moon Europa - one of t...

Jupiter's moon Europa could hold life: NASA

Europa - the sixth closest moon of Jupiter - is the most likely place in our Solar System beyond Ear...

NASA data suggests presence of liquid water on Europa

The data suggest there is significant exchange between Europa's icy shell and the ocean beneath....

NASA should focus on mission to Mars, Europa: report

NASA should pursue its hunt for evidence of past or present extraterrestrial life through exploratio...

NASA plans mission to unravel mysteries of Europa

Scientists believe the mission would help unravel the mystery of strange creatures swimming in alien...

Scientist to look for signs of life on icy Europa

It is difficult to imagine how on Europa, with average temperatures of minus 260 degrees Fahrenheit,...

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