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US watching North Korea missile activity from Japan

Uncle Sam is closely monitoring activities of North Korea from its bases in Japan and also working c...

Japanese moon explorer freezes Earth's diamond ring

With its on board high definition camera KAGUYA captures a penumbral lunar eclipse when the Sun was ...

Japan unveils new space rocket

Scientists are giving finishing touches to country’s H-2B rocket that is scheduled to blast of...

Japan launches first 'greenhouse' satellite

JAXA claims this is world's first satellite to observe global greenhouse gases from space and would ...

F-22 Raptors begin training in Japan

US deploys F-22 Raptors at Kadena Air Base in Japan...

Japan to launch Korea Multipurpose Satellite-3

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd to launch the Korea Multipurpose Satellite-3 in March 2012

US to deploy more F-22s in Japan

With Russia planning to safeguard its borders, US has decided to deploy two more contingents of F-22...

Japan plans staircase to heaven

Japan is planning to spend $9 billion on a massive space elevator to lift people and objects into or...

Japan announces new missile defence test

Tokyo's announcement comes at a time when North Korea moves to restart its Yongbyon nuclear facility...

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