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Indian Army's artillery wing displays firepower via 'Sarvatra Prahar'

A firepower exercise 'Sarvatra Prahar' by the Indian Army was conducted in the ranges of School of A...

Indian Army completes amphibious exercise 'Jal Prahar'

Aiming to validate and fine-tune its strategy to take over enemy land via sea, the Indian military h...

Indian Army tests its prowess through "Gurj Prahar"

Aiming to validate and enhance its operational readiness, the Gurj Division of Army is carrying out ...

Aakash to be displayed at Seoul Aero Show

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) will showcase Aakash and Prahar missiles at...

Prithvi missiles to be replaced by more-capable Prahar: DRDO

Seeking to enhance its precision strike capabilities, India is planning to replace its 150 km-range ...

Indian Army concludes 'Exercise Pine Prahar'

A seamless network of information systems, quick and effective decision-making, timely on-call air a...

Indian Army unit begins four-day ‘Pine Prahar’ exercise

The Army's Vajra Corps have begun the exercise involving swift mobilisation of units and formations,...

First batch of Sagar Prahari Bal completes training

The Indian Navy has formed the Sagar Prahari Bal (SPB) coastal patrol force in the aftermath of the ...

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