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4 Sukhois in Tezpur to counter China buildup

Sukhois will bolster India’s capabilities against China which has at least four airbases in TAR, say...

Sukhois deployed over eastern skyline

The induction ceremony was carried out from the Tezpur air base of the IAF, but it was made low key ...

Tejpur base to get IAF Sukhoi soon

Su-30MKI will be deployed at IAF's Tejpur base to give India an air advantage over neighbouring Chin...

Sukhois flies again after being grounded for 3 weeks

Indian Air Force (IAF) Su-30MKI have started flying again after three weeks of checks following a cr...

IAF seeks Russian help in Sukhoi crash probe

Russian experts to carry out checks on the 60-aircraft fleet after IAF has called them for assistanc...

Sukhoi chief takes over as RAC-MiG DG

Mikhail Aslanovich Pogosyan on Thursday was appointed Director General of RAC-MiG in addition to his...

Sukhoi supplies two SU-30 MK2s to Indonesia

The Indonesian air force already has two SU-30 MK and two SU-27SK fighters in service...

IAF to get a boost with fourth Sukhoi squadron

The Indian Air Force is raising its fourth squadron of Su-30 MKI in February next year...

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