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Indonesia signs contract for 2nd batch of Super Tucanos

The Indonesian Air Force has signed a commercial contract for a second batch of eight light attack a...

Embraer wins USAF contract to provide Super Tucanos

Brazilian aviation major Embraer has won a $355 million contract to supply 20 A-29 Super Tucano jets...

Indonesian Air Force to fly first Super Tucano in Asia Pacific

Embraer has won a competition held by the Indonesian Ministry of Defense to supply eight Super Tucan...

Indonesia to buy 16 Super Tucano fighters

The Air Force plans to purchase a squadron of 16 Super Tucanoes to upgrade its weaponry systems....

Chilean Air Force procures first Super Tucano aircraft

Embraer delivered Super Tucano aircraft to the Chilean Air Force which will be used for tactical tra...

Embraer confirms sale of 24 Super Tucanos to Ecuador

The aircraft will be used for training and for border patrol missions...

Embraer sells 8 Super Tucanos to Dominican Republic

Embraer sells eight Super Tucanos to help Dominican Republic keep a watch on the drug traffickers...

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