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Agni-V shows India's intention to become major power: report

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BEIJING (PTI): As India gears up to test its 5000 km range Agni-V missile in February next year, Chinese official media here said that the "killer" missile with potential to reach several cities in China showed New Delhi's intention to become major power in the region.

"Indian officials and scientists claimed that their Agni-V missile is the 'killer' for a certain country, which obviously shows the intention of seeking regional balance of power", an article in the state-run People's Daily titled 'Risks behind India's military build up' said on Sunday.

It added that India has strategic ambitions and hopes to play an important role in world affairs, "so it cannot tolerate these internal and external security environment constraints".

"It is the Indian goal to continue to strengthen the military and possess a military clout that matches its status as a major power", the write-up in the daily, which is the official organ of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), said.

"However, how many missiles is enough is a question for all governments in the missile era", it said.

Chinese media reported the last month's successful test flight of the 3000 km range Agni-IV missile.

DRDO Director-General V K Saraswat had announced that Agni -V will be test fired in February.

Defence analysts say that the two together has the potential to reach several top Chinese cities, though far off regions could still be out of range for Indian missiles.

Analysts say that while short range missile Agni-I and II are regarded as Pakistan-specific, Agni-III, IV and V are perceived to be China-specific.


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