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Air power would continue to play pivotal role: IAF Chief

Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari. (Photo: IAF)

NEW DELHI (PTI): The world is at a pivotal juncture and winds of change are blowing strongly in India's favour, Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari said on Friday.

The Air Chief Marshal also said that India's rise in the Global South marks a "pivotal point" in international affairs.

He was speaking at a seminar on "India and Global South: Challenges and Opportunities".

"Rooted in a rich historical tapestry, the country's emergence from colonial shadows to a prominent global player brings forth a myriad of challenges and opportunities," the Chief of Indian Air Force said.

"Understanding the complex dynamics at play is crucial in navigating a future shaped by inter-connectedness," he said.

The 20th Subroto Mukherjee seminar was organised by Centre for Air Power Studies.

"As we navigate these uncharted skies, air power being a key component of national power, would undoubtedly play a pivotal role and also serve as a symbol of national strength, a tool for peace and collaboration," he added.

Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari said the IAF may easily act as a catalyst for progress, fostering strategic partnerships and contributing to the collective advancement of the Global South.

"Our air power engagements with the countries of the Global South have resonated across the board and allowed us to exchange best practices, improve interoperability and build trust," he said.

The IAF Chief noted that these engagements are crucial for tackling shared security challenges and ensuring regional stability. "We have increased the footprint of training and cooperation with these nations," he said.

On the global geopolitical developments, the Chief of Air Staff said the landscape of international relations is constantly shifting and traditional power structures are increasingly being challenged by new players.

"The threat of global conflict looms large, fuelled by ideological divisions, resource scarcity and climate change. This has created interconnected challenges like economic disparity and resource exploitation," he said.

The IAF Chief observed that "black swan" events like COVID-19, and conflicts being witnessed across the world have aggravated the situation.


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