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Ariane 5 orbits two telecom satellites

Ariane 5 lifts off with Intelsat-30/DLA-1 and Arsat-1 satellites.

KOUROU, FRENCH GUIANA (BNS): Carrying out its fifth space launch mission this year, Europe's workhorse Ariane 5 rocket has successfully orbited two telecommunications satellites.

The rocket launched with the Intelsat-30/DLA-1 and Arsat-1 satellites from the Kourou spaceport in French Guiana at 21:44 GMT Thursday, the European Space Agency said.

Intelsat-30/DLA-1, weighing 6,320 kg, was the first to be released 28 minutes into the mission. Arsat-1, weighing 2,973 kg, was released into its designated orbit about six minutes after the first satellite.

The Intelsat-30/DLA-1, owned and operated by Intelsat, will be positioned at a geostationary orbit to provide telecommunications and direct-to-home broadcast services to Latin America.

The Arsat-1, owned by Arsat in Argentina, will be positioned at geostationary orbit to provide direct-to-home television, Internet access services, data transmission and IP telephony to Argentina and neighbouring countries.

Each satellite has a design life of 15 years.


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