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Army, IAF conduct rapid response exercise at Gobind Sagar reservoir in HP

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NEW DELHI (PTI):  The special forces of the Indian Army and the IAF have kick-started a two-day exercise in Himachal Pradesh to check their readiness in aerial insertion and landing on water, officials said.

The exercise is underway at the Gobind Sagar reservoir.

The forces practiced aerial insertion or airdropping of soldiers and landing on water for rapid response into hostile territory, they said.

It has further "refined drills and procedures for joint planning and execution of such operations augmenting employability of the forces in multiple spectrums of conflict in varied terrain", said an official.

The Indian Army carried out a two-day rapid response exercise near the Siliguri Corridor along the northern border with China in March.

The exercise involving around 600 soldiers was conducted from March 24 to 25 and it involved advanced aerial insertion techniques, surveillance and target practicing.

The Siliguri Corridor is a stretch of land bordering Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

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