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Army's Bhopal-based 21 Corps to undertake war exercise in Rajasthan

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NEW DELHI (PTI): Bhopal-based 21 Corps of Indian Army will undertake a major war exercise in Rajasthan on rapid mobilisation and making speedy multiple offensives deep into enemy territory.

The Bhopal-based 21 Corps, one of the three offensive oriented "Strike Corps" of the Indian Army, will undergo the exercise in the desert state next month.

The exercise, happening on the Western front bordering Pakistan, will see intense action by armoured, artillery and infantry soldiers and will involve almost the entire Southern Command of the Army.

"Every year, each Strike Corps undertakes such an exercise. Last year, it was the 2 Corps and this year the 21 Corps," Army sources said.

The exercise aims at rapid mobilisation of the Strike Corps and making speedy multiple offensives deep into enemy territory before the enemy has a chance to mobilise its own resources for a counter attack or for offering a heavy resistance.

The tactics being rehearsed in this exercise will allow the Army formations to break through multiple obstacles in a restricted time frame, the sources said.

The focus of the exercise will be on new and efficient ways of fighting a war in a synergised battlefield, they said.

The exercise is likely to see mechanised manoeuvers in an entire spectrum of new generation of equipment, including major weapon platforms.

These combat manoeuvers also co-opt a significant contribution from the ground attack fighter aircraft from Indian Air Force, attack helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, remotely piloted vehicles and utility helicopters.

As far as the Army is concerned, the exercise will involve the mobilisation of its armoured and mechanised formations, artillery division, air defence elements along with other supporting arms and services, the sources said.

The real time streaming of data, including live video feed from the battlefield to the highest formation headquarters will also be tested.

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