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Australia to procure new naval combat helicopter

NH90 NFH helicopter. A File Photo.

SYDNEY (BNS): The Australian Defence Materiel Organisation has released project solicitation documents to the United States Navy and Australian Aerospace for the supply of a new naval combat helicopter under Defence Capability Plan project AIR 9000 Phase 8.

Govt of Australia, through this project, plans to aquire sufficient helicopters to provide at least eight helicopters concurrently embarked on ships at sea, according to a news release by the Australian Department of Defence.

“The new naval combat helicopter will enhance the Royal Australian Navy’s ability to conduct a range of maritime combat and other operations, including anti-submarine and surface warfare,” said Senator John Faulkner, the Minister of Defence.

The new helicopter will be either the Sikorsky-Lockheed Martin built MH-60R sourced through the United States Navy, or the NATO Helicopter Industries NH90 NFH sourced through Australian Aerospace.

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