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BAE to produce more Nulka anti-ship missile defence systems

The Nulka anti-ship missile defence system. A BAE Photo

MELBOURNE (BNS): BAE Systems has received an AUD $40 million (USD 35 million) contract from Australia’s Defence Material Organisation to produce the Nulka anti-ship missile defence systems.

This is the 12th successive annual contract awarded to BAE Systems Australia under which the company will produce additional Nulka active missile decoy systems for the Australian, US and Canadian navies, BAE said in a statement.

The rocket-propelled weapon system has been designed to provide all-weather protection to warships against modern anti-ship missiles. The weapon, featuring a hovering rocket, autonomous system and electronic technologies, can lure anti-ship missiles away from their intended target.

The Nulka is currently deployed in the US Navy's DDG-51, CG-47, LPD-17 warships and has got the clearance to go on board the new DDG 1000 destroyer.

The Royal Australian Navy has the system on board its FFG-F and ANZAC frigates while the Canadian Navy's Iroquois DDG has the weapon system in it.

Originally conceived in Australia, the ‘soft kill’ anti-ship missile defence Nulka is now developed and produced under a joint Australian-US programme.

While BAE Systems is the prime contractor responsible for design, development and integration of the weapon system, two US sub-contractors, Lockheed Martin and Aerojet, manufacture the electronic warfare payload and the rocket motor respectively.


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