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Bangkok airport loses million dollars in shut down

A file photo of Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport.

BANGKOK (BNS): Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport, closed since November 25 after being stormed by anti-government protestors, has lost over a million dollars in revenue.

A senior airport official was quoted as saying by agencies that the losses included cost of imports and exports carried out through air. “The percentage of losses through halt in passenger traffic is more than the trade,” the official said.

The officials had tried to maintain the passenger flow going through the U-Tapao airport. The airport has been provided with additional facilities like new x-ray machines.

More than 300,000 travellers, including many Indians, were stranded after the People's Alliance for Democracy protesters stormed the Survarnabhumi (also called Bangkok airport) and Don Muang airports of Thailand.

Earlier this week, nearly 1,700 foreigners were put on 17 flights and another 27 flights took off from Bangkok.

Thailand's national carrier Air Asia would operate extra inbound and outbound flights from Chaing Mai International airport, Phuket International airport and U-Tapao International airport for stranded passengers to fly to their destinations.

Officials expect the airport siege would soon come to an end as an understanding has been reached between the Army and protesters. The Army has taken control of the airport and is carrying out mopping up operation to find out if the airport is safe to resume normal functions.

Bangkok is one of the world's busiest capitals and thousands of tourists land there every week. Many Indians visiting Thailand were also caught in the logjam and were flown back home through specially arranged flights by Air India.

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