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Boeing completes Critical Design Review of IS- 22 spacecraft

IS-22 is one of four 702MP satellites ordered from Boeing by Intelsat Ltd. Launch of IS-22 is planned for 2012. The launch vehicle will be announced by Intelsat at a later date. A Boeing photo.

EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA (BNS): Boeing has completed the final design review of the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) hosted payload and its host spacecraft, the Intelsat 22 satellite and will begin integration and environmental testing of IS-22.

Boeing is building IS-22 for Intelsat, the leading provider of fixed satellite services worldwide.

The Ultra High Frequency (UHF) payload, built by Boeing, is being placed on the satellite by Intelsat to be used by the Australian Defence Force (ADF). When operational, IS-22 also will provide commercial video, network and voice services to Intelsat's customers throughout the Indian Ocean region.

The reviews included documentation and analysis of all aspects of the satellite's design, including assembly, integration, testing and safety requirements, Boeing said.

Prior to the review, Boeing had completed key risk reduction tests on its engineering development unit UHF Antenna, including thermal passive intermodulation tests (thermal PIM) and thermal vacuum multipactor tests.

The UHF hosted payload's existing, qualified digital receiver technology provides on-orbit tunability and reconfigurability of all channels. Its modular design facilitates hosting on Boeing's 702MP commercial satellite platform.

The 702MP satellite uses existing, qualified components and subsystems from the highly successful Boeing 702HP platform and includes enhancements to the bus structure, thermal design, and payload and antenna configuration.

Designed as a modular satellite system to support the communications satellite user community, the 702MP offers enhancements that make it faster to build, less costly and more efficient in operation, which enhances the potential for extended service life.

IS-22 is scheduled for launch on an International Launch Services Proton vehicle in 2012.


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