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BrahMos attracts more than 10,000 students at 'Space Festival 2012'

School students at the BrahMos pavilion studying about the BRAHMOS missile system. A Brahmand photo.

COIMBATORE (BNS): BrahMos Aerospace attracted more than 10,000 enthusiastic students from various schools and colleges during its participation in the ongoing 'Space Festival 2012' organised by Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.

'Space Festival 2012' is being held from July 9-14, 2012 with an aim to provide a common learning platform to the young minds in the field of space, defence and aerospace.

BrahMos along with NASA, ISRO and DRDO laboratories are organising exhibitions to demonstrate their R&D potentials which will enthuse young students and also motivate them for a career in space research or defence technology development.

Though it is a Space festival, it is the supersonic cruise missile BRAHMOS which caught the fancy of many school children coming from various schools in Tamil Nadu.

Students were mainly attracted by the exhibits showcased in the BrahMos pavilion such as the replica of 'world's first war rocket' and the posters highlighting the journey of missile systems in India. With a notebook and pen in hand they were noting down all the minute details of the BRAHMOS missile system, thus elevating their knowledge in the field of guided weapon systems.

Space Festival 2012 was inaugurated by former Indian President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who delivered a special address to a large number of school children present there, encouraging them to 'dream big'. He also laid down his 'Aero Space Vision 2050' while addressing the gathering on the first day of the Space Fest at Bharathiar University on Monday.

The Space Festival aims to create awareness about space science and defence technology among students.

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