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BrahMos conducts quiz competition at Space Fest

Students participating in the quiz competition organised by BrahMos Aerospace at the 'Space festival 2012.' A Brahmand photo.

COIMBATORE (BNS): Young students visiting the Bharathiar University here are having an exciting time taking part in quiz competitions organised as part of the on-going 'Space Festival 2012.'

The Indian, Russian Joint Venture Company, BrahMos Aerospace, is conducting the quiz competition to bring awareness and encourage young students as well as test their knowledge in the fields of Space, Science & Technology, including Defence and Aerospace.

Students from various schools and colleges in the city participated on the first day of the quiz programme, promptly answering questions ranging from recent developments in the Indian defence sector to NASA's space programme and the universe and planets among others.

Winners of the BrahMos quiz competition walked away with beautiful mementos presented by the Company. The quiz programme will continue for the next few days for interested students taking part in the festival.

The Company is also taking part in an exhibition organised on the sidelines of the festival. The exhibits on display at the BrahMos pavilion is a major attraction of the event.

The models depict the history of missiles from the first one used by Tipu Sultan to the present day supersonic cruise missile system to the future hypersonic era.  BRAHMOS is the world's only supersonic cruise missile.


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