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BrahMos receives air frames from Godrej

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MUMBAI (BNS): Godrej Aerospace said on Thursday that it has handed over the first batch of 40 air frames for the BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile system's air-launched version, set to be flight tested from IAF's SU-30 MKI fighter by 2014-end.

"Godrej completed a contract to deliver 40 air frames of the missile, which include combined pneumo-hydro systems, wing, fin, nose-cap and nose-cap motors, last month and kicked off a four-year effort today to deliver 100 more," Chairman and Managing Director Jamshyd Godrej said.

He said the company is very happy at partnering with the government bodies for the BrahMos project, and added that Godrej was working closely with other strategic projects like the ISRO's missions to Mars and Moon and the Prithvi missile, among others.

"Godrej's investment in exclusive facilities for BrahMos has made it a partner of choice. This has given us the confidence to deepen our relationship with Godrej by awarding them with additional orders for BRAHMOS missile air-frame assemblies as well as by increasing their scope of work for BrahMos," Dr. A S Pillai, CEO & MD of BrahMos Aerospace, said.

"I'm certain that, together, we will set new benchmarks for public-private partnerships towards indigenous development and production of sophisticated weapon systems," he added.

The cruise missile is expected to be delivered to the Indian Air Force by 2015.


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