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'Chandrayaan-II to probe further for water presence on Moon'

ISRO Chairman G.Madhavan Nair. A file photo.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM (PTI): With India's maiden Moon mission making a path-breaking discovery about water presence on lunar surface, the objectives of Chandrayaan-II would be modified for further probes into that aspect, ISRO Chairman Dr G Madhavan Nair said Monday.

"This major achievement has been taken very seriously by scientists the world over. There should be more enquiries on the source of water. It has to be found out whether there would be more water towards the pole (of the Moon)," Nair told reporters here.

Certain changes would have to be made on the mission objectives of Chandrayaan-II for further enquiries in that direction. "We are thinking about it," he added.

Nair also said the GSLV in the present cryogenic stage is expected to be launched by this year end.

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