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China denies reports of explosion in its aircraft carrier

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BEIJING (PTI): Chinese military has dismissed reports of an explosion on board its lone aircraft carrier, Liaoning which is currently undergoing advanced trials.

Reports in foreign media of an explosion on board the aircraft carrier "did not conform to the facts", Defence Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said in a press conference on Thursday.

According to unconfirmed reports, China's first aircraft carrier appeared to suffer a steam explosion during the recent trials that temporarily knocked out the carrier's electrical power system.

Yang however declined to answer questions regarding the construction of new aircraft carriers by the country.

"As for the development and construction of China's new aircraft carriers, I have no further information to offer," Yang said.

The 300-meter Liaoning is a refitted former Soviet ship mainly meant for trials and was commissioned in September 2012 by China.

Reports are rife that China is constructing three more aircraft carriers.

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