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China to modernise its military: Defence Minister

BEIJING (BNS): China will steadily reform its national defence and modernise its military forces, Defence Minister Liang Guanglie said, according to a news report.

"In the world today, peace, development and cooperation remain the trend of the times. However, world peace and development faces multiple challenges. China is going through unprecedented and extensive social changes," Xinhua news agency quoted Liang as saying.

The Defence Minister was speaking at a reception to celebrate the 84th founding anniversary of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) on Sunday.

"We will expand and deepen preparedness for military struggle, vigorously carry out military training under the conditions of informatization, promote independent innovation in defence science and equipment development," the report quoting Liang said.

He urged the army to be more alert to challenges even as they carry out strenuous and heavier tasks and also actively carry out defence and military reforms to constantly modernize the PLA.

The PLA has made outstanding contributions to safeguarding the nation's sovereignty, security and territorial integrity as well as advancing China's economic and social development, he added.


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