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China's CPC to remove obstacles in modernising military

BEIJING (PTI): China's ruling Communist Party has unveiled a plan to bring the 2.3 million-strong military under its direct command and pledged to remove obstacles in modernising the world's largest standing army.

During the four-day meeting, known as the Third Plenum, which concluded Tuesday, the Communist Party of China (CPC) said its goal is an army that "obeys the Party's command, is capable of winning battles and has a sound work style".

The CPC approved a decision on "major issues concerning comprehensively deepening reforms" and insisted that the People's Liberation Army should be under its direct command as it pledged to remove obstacles in modernising the forces.

"Great effort should be put to solving outstanding conflicts and problems that hinder development of national defence and the army," it said referring to the massive modernisation plans of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

China allocated USD 115 billion for defence budget last year.

The document called for innovation and development of military theories, strengthening of strategy guidance; improving military strategies and policies in the new era; and building a modern military with Chinese characteristics.

It urged deepening reform of army establishments, pushing forward army policy adjustments, while pushing forward harmony between the army and civilians.


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