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China's missile frigates visit South-East Asia

Chinese Navy's Zhoushan missile frigate (front), Xuzhou missile frigate (center). A File Photo.

PORT KELANG, MALAYSIA (BNS): Chinese Navy's Type 054A missile frigate (Xuzhou), after accomplishing its tasks in the Gulf of Aden and off the Somalia Coast, has arrived in Port Kelang, Malaysia for a goodwill visit.

According to the China Military News, the team from Chinese Navy of the People’s Liberation Army is headed by Rear Admiral Wen Xinchao, deputy commander of the third Chinese naval escort taskforce. Wen Xinchao earlier this week had a meeting with the deputy commander of the Malaysian Navy at the Ministry of Defense of Malaysia.

The visit of Type 054A frigate is the third visit of the Chinese naval warships to Malaysia. The frigate was also opened for the visitors, mainly for local Chinese nationals and overseas Chinese of Port Kelang, as per the report.

Another Type 054A missile frigate (Zhoushan) after completing its mission in the Gulf of Aden and off the Somalia Coast arrived at Changi Port on December 7 for a goodwill visit to Singapore.

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