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Colombian Army to buy two more BLACK HAWK Helicopters

S-70i helicopter. Photo: Sikorsky

RIO de JANEIRO (BNS): The Colombian Army has contracted Sikorsky Aircraft to buy two additional S-70i BLACK HAWK helicopters.

The two aircraft will augment five S-70i helicopters that arrived on 30 January in Colombia to join the Special Forces of the Colombian Army's Air Assault Division.

Like the five previous multi-mission aircraft, the two new aircraft will feature dual GPS/INS system and digital map for accurate navigation and enhanced situational awareness.

The aircraft will be custom-equipped with a rescue hoist and an Integrated Vehicle Health Management System that will monitor the aircrafts' engines, transmission and rotors. The contract also includes ground support equipment, spares and technical training.

The aircraft are expected to be delivered by October 2013, and then flown by Colombian aircrew to the Army Special Operation Aviation Military base in Tolemaida.

Colombia is the first South American country to buy the S-70i BLACK HAWK helicopter variant. The Colombian National Police, Colombian Air Force, and Colombian Army also operate 96 UH-60L BLACK HAWK helicopters, Sikorsky said.

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