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Construction of Brazil's first SSK-class sub begins

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PARIS (BNS): European naval defence company DCNS has begun the construction work of Brazilian Navy’s first SSK-class diesel-electric powered submarine.

The company launched the industrial production phase of the submarine at its Cherbourg facility on May 27, 2010. The forward half of the vessel will be built at the Cherbourg centre, DCNS said in a statement.

The first phase production work began nine months after Brazil signed a contract to procure four such conventional submarines which would be based on the French/Spanish Scorpene submarines.

As per the contract, the first vessel would be jointly constructed by DCNS and Brazil. The rest of the three subs will be built in Brazil under transfer of technology agreement. The first SSK-class submarine is scheduled to enter service with the Brazilian Navy in 2017.

All the four submarines will use conventional or diesel-electric propulsion systems. Each sub will have a water displacement capacity of less than 2,000 tons.

The vessels will be designed keeping in mind the Brazilian Navy's specific requirements, which would include anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare capabilities along with special operations and intelligence gathering.

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