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Discovery undocks from ISS

Space shuttle Discovery moves behind the Japanese Kibo module as astronaut Kevin Ford conducts a flyaround of the ISS. Image Credit: NASA TV

CAPE CANAVERAL (BNS): US space shuttle Discovery has undocked from the International Space Station after delivering tons of scientific equipment, food and other supplies.

After being safely separated from the orbiting complex by about 450 feet, pilot Kevin Ford conducted a flyaround of the space station using only the primary reaction control system steering jets. The smaller vernier jets were disabled before the shuttle docked to the station because of a small leak in one jet.

A final separation burn occurred around 5:09 pm Tuesday, NASA said.

The spacecraft is expected to touch down Earth on Thursday at the Kennedy Space Centre here in Florida. It is returning home with 2.5 tons of specimens, used equipment and trash, the US space agency said.

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