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EOMS-NG optronic system for French navy frigates

French Floreal class frigate.

PARIS (BNS): Sagem (Safran group) has signed a contract with French naval shipyard DCNS, under French defense procurement agency DGA as contracting authority, for the modernisation of fire control systems on six Floreal class surveillance frigates.

The modernisation will be based on Sagem's new-generation Electro-Optical Multifunction System (EOMS-NG).

Developed and produced by Sagem, the EOMS-NG is a high-performance optronic system. It is a single unit, integrating day-night IRST (infrared search and track) type passive panoramic observation, identification, tracking and fire control.

Replacing the current Najir optronic system, the EOMS-NG will provide fire control for the Floreal class ships' 100mm gun, their main artillery piece, and will contribute to their tactical situation awareness and the self-defence of the ship.

The system features very short reaction time between detection and engagement, and is particularly well suited to fighting piracy and illicit traffic. Its panoramic observation concept is the equivalent of 100 fixed cameras.

The first Floreal class frigate will be outfitted by the end of 2012.

The EOMS-NG system is also in production for the six Baynunah class corvettes to be deployed by the United Arab Emirates, and it is integrated in the DCSN's new Gowind class offshore patrol vessel, L'Adroit.

Australia has ordered 29 Vampir NG infrared tracking systems, derived from the EOMS-NG, for its navy's new LHD helicopter carriers, air defence destroyers and Anzac class frigates.


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