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Embraer unveils KC-390 military transport aircraft

KC-390 military transport aircraft. Photo: Embraer

BRAZIL (BNS): Brazilian planemaker Embraer unveiled its new KC-390 military transport aircraft.

"This significant milestone of the KC-390 Programme demonstrates Embraer's ability to manage such a complex and high-technology project and to perform it on track," Jackson Schneider, President and CEO, Embraer Defense & Security, was quoted as saying in the company release.

The KC-390 will be the backbone of the FAB's air transportation network.

It will be able to operate in both the Amazon and Antarctica. The jet engines give the aircraft enormous agility in fulfilling all of its missions, faster and better.

Following the rollout, the aircraft will continue with initial systems evaluations leading to the first engine run, and then to the ground vibration tests and the other planned ground tests.

This aircraft is the first of two prototypes that will be used in the development, ground, flight and certification test campaigns.

The KC-390 is a joint project of the Brazilian Air Force with Embraer to develop and produce a tactical military transport and aerial refueling airplane that is a significant advance in terms of technology and innovation for the Brazilian aeronautics industry.

The aircraft is designed to establish new standards in its category, with a lower operating cost and the flexibility to perform a variety of missions: cargo and troop transport, troop and cargo air delivery, aerial refueling, search and rescue, and combating forest fires, among others.

On May 20th, 2014, Embraer and the Brazilian Air Force signed the series production contract for the delivery of 28 KC-390 aircraft and associated initial logistic support.


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