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Eurocopter to showcase its helicopter capabilities at IDEX 2011

A Eurocopter photo

ABU DHABI (BNS): Eurocopter is showcasing its broad helicopter product line at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX).

More than 650 Eurocopter helicopters currently are flying in across the Middle East and through the Arabian Gulf, with over than 80 percent of them in military use to support missions that include combat, transport, search and rescue (SAR), counter-terrorism, special operations and training.

To meet the Arab world’s requirements for highly-capable multi-role military helicopters, Eurocopter’s Fennec AS550 is a proven aircraft suited for extremely hot climates and high altitudes. Applications include combat missions, fire support, observation, protection and training.

Eurocopter’s EC635 lightweight twin-engine offers the combination of a compact helicopter with performance and manoeuvrability for use in scout, anti-piracy and public security missions.

The EC645 also is well tailored for the region’s security and defence needs, providing excellent performance, a spacious cabin and proven reliability.

The AS565 Panther combines speed and manoeuvrability required for security and defence missions, with its capabilities further enhanced by this twin-engine helicopter’s endurance, range and unmatched capabilities in overwater surveillance, tracking and search and rescue.

The latest-generation member of the Super Puma/Cougar family is the EC725, which is well suited to meet new mission requirements and fleet modernization with an expanded mission scope.

For the tactical transport of troops and anti-submarine warfare, the 10-metric-ton-class NH90 is an ideal choice. As a fly-by-wire, all-composite helicopter with high crash-worthiness standards, it is offered in an army version (TTH) and for naval operations in the NFH configuration.

Eurocopter’s EC135 and EC145 are strong candidates for new orders in the region, along with the new-generation EC175 – which has entered production and will be certified late this year.


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