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Exercise Key Resolve 2011 concludes in S Korea

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YONGSAN GARRISON, S KOREA (BNS): The US and S Korean troops wrapped up the exercise Key Resolve 2011 on Thursday, after two weeks of training around the Korean Peninsula.

According to US Navy, the 11-day exercise, called the Key Resolve was commanded by the Republic of Korea-United States Combined Forces Command.

The exercise was held in conjunction with the annual field exercise Foal Eagle, the command post exercise enables the ROK-US alliance to hone the skills needed to deter any aggression against South Korea.

"The ROK-US Alliance is the strongest military alliance in the world, built on a foundation of more than 60 years of service and sacrifice, and exercises like Key Resolve and Foal Eagle only make this alliance stronger," Lt. Gen. John D. Johnson, 8th Army Commanding General, said.

The exercise validates the readiness of the ROK-US alliance to confront and defeat any threat to South Korea.

Key Resolve and Foal Eagle are routine defensive exercises that occur around the same time every year.

Exercise Foal Eagle will continue till the end of April 2011.


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