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French Army receives last tactical UAV system

An SDTI unmanned aerial vehicle takes off. A French Army Photo

PARIS (BNS): The French Army has received the last of its three new-generation tactical UAV systems (SDTI) from the Directorate General of Armaments.

The DGA had ordered three SDTI unmanned aircraft from the firm Sagem in August 2009.

The new SDTIs delivered to the French Army have lighter wings that enable them to operate in high altitude and high temperature regions.

The UAV weighs 350-kg and does not need a runway for take off and landing. It has been fitted with optical and infrared cameras to gather real time images and information in both day and night conditions.

The French Army has deployed the tactical UAVs in its 61st Artillery Regiment since 2004 to carry out intelligence gathering, force protection and target acquisition missions.

The SDTI has been deployed in Afghanistan since October 2008.

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