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Full-motion MH-60R TOFT enters service for US Navy

MH-60R tactical operational flight trainer (TOFT) from inside.

FLORIDA (BNS): The first full-motion MH-60R tactical operational flight trainer (TOFT) built by CAE for the US Navy was declared ready-for-training and entered service at Naval Station Mayport near Jacksonville, Florida.

According to CAE USA, the MH-60R multi-mission helicopter is primarily used by the US Navy for anti-submarine and surface attack missions.

The MH-60R TOFT includes both an operational flight trainer (OFT) used to train pilots and co-pilots as well as a weapons tactics trainer (WTT) used to train sensor operators in the MH-60R Romeo helicopter.

MH-60R TOFT features a six degree-of-freedom CAE True electric motion system as well as motion seats to provide vibration and motion cueing for enhanced realism.

"We are pleased the Navy has declared the first CAE-built full-motion MH-60R tactical operational flight trainer ready for training on-time and on-schedule," John Lenyo, president and general manager, CAE USA, said.

"The Navy now has put into service comprehensive MH-60R Romeo training systems from CAE that are helping pilots, rear crews and maintenance personnel prepare for mission success."

CAE USA is the prime contractor responsible for the design and manufacture of MH-60R TOFTs as well as MH-60R avionics maintenance trainers for the Navy.

Earlier, the company had delivered two fixed-based MH-60R TOFTs to the Navy that are currently in-service at Naval Air Station (NAS) North Island and NAS Jacksonville.

Recently, CAE USA has also received a contract for the designing and manufacturing of four additional MH-60R TOFTs for US Navy.


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