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Garuda Aerospace inks pact with Lockheed Martin Canada Systems

CHENNAI (PTI):  Drone-manufacturer Garuda Aerospace has signed a pact with Lockheed Martin Canada CDL Systems for defence and commercial purpose. Under the agreement, Lockheed would integrate made-in-India products with its aerial systems software solutions, the Garuda Aerospace has said.

The companies would explore opportunities by working closely to build a strong data processing capability and develop algorithms that would cater to a wide range of drones and drone-based service applications.

"I am delighted and thrilled to be working with Lockheed Martin Canada CDL Systems. This partnership will give Garuda Aerospace a strong competitive edge to cement market dominance in several sectors, " said founder-CEO of Garuda Agnishwar Jayaprakash in a statement on Monday.

"...Garuda Aerospace has built a tremendous order book with immense credibility to deliver drones to various sectors and this is why global corporations like Lockheed Martin have faith in Garuda as worthy partners," he said.

On the pact, general manager of Lockheed Martin Canada CDL Systems Michael Baker said, "This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to support the growth of an indigenous defence and aerospace manufacturing eco system in India."

"This will be a step forward in bringing world class drone software solutions to diverse market segments in India and create high-tech job opportunities," he added.

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