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Germany takes delivery of 400th Eurofighter Typhoon

The 400th Eurofighter Typhoon. Photo: Cassidian

MANCHING (BNS): The German Air Force has taken delivery of the 400th Eurofighter Typhoon at a special ceremony at Cassidian's Military Air Systems Centre in Manching, Southern Germany.

Cassidian, as a partner in the Eurofighter consortium, has assembled the 400th Eurofighter and delivered to the German Air Force its 112 aircraft.

The delivery of the very first Eurofighter to the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the United Kingdom took place in 2003. The 100th Eurofighter was delivered also to the RAF in September 2006.

The 200th aircraft was handed over in November 2009 to the German Air Force and the 300th aircraft was delivered to the Spanish Air Force in November 2011.

In the past 10 years the global Eurofighter fleet has demonstrated its high operational effectiveness in international missions and trainings and accumulated more than 210,000 flying hours.

Several developments such as the Phase 1 Enhancement, the integration of the METEOR air-to-air missile, the new electronic radar (E-Scan) and additional weaponry increase the capabilities of the Eurofighter Typhoon and secure the future of this modern combat aircraft in the next decades.

At present, the Eurofighter Typhoon fleet comprises 20 operating units with locations in Europe, the South Atlantic and the Middle East.

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