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IDF launches new grenade launcher Makelron

The new grenade launcher Makelron (small stick). Photo: IDF

JERUSALEM (BNS): Israel Defence Forces (IDF) will use a new grenade launcher nicknamed Makelron (small stick) and Maklar Ra’am (thunderous launcher) by 2011.

The new launcher has greater precision than previous launchers.

The Makleron, the fruit of GOC Army Headquarters Technology Division’s labor is currently being tested and will replace the existing grenade launcher first in elite units and later in the rest of the army.

Makelron has a total weight of 47 kg, including all external equipment and it is 30 kg lighter than the previous grenade launcher.

“This is a much more precise weapon. The accuracy allows for more direct hits and a good shooter won’t miss after using the launcher twice,” 1st Sgt. Aharon Mimoni, operations officer in the infantry department at the School for Infantry Corps Professions and Squad Commanders (SICPSC), said.

Three IDF units (SICPSC and elite units Egoz and Sayeret Matkal) are currently trying out the new grenade launcher.

These units are testing the launchers in different shooting experiments. A special night vision system is also being built in it to make it more precise at night time as well.


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