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ISRO developing rocket that cuts satellite launch cost by half

The rocket is the technological successor to the Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV). ISRO photo

BANGALORE (PTI): India is developing a new-generation rocket that would cut satellite launch cost by half, boosting low-cost access to space, Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation, G Madhavan Nair said today.

Nair, also Secretary in the Department of Space, said the cost of Indian launch vehicles are currently lower by 20-30 per cent compared to international prices.

"But by developing the next generation (launch) vehicles...Mark-III (GSLV-Mk III), we should be able to cut down the (launch) cost to half of what it is today", he said, delivering the Silver Jubilee Commemoration lecture organised by the KEB Engineers' Association here.

He said GSLV-Mk III, expected to be operational in 2010, would make India the cheapest and lowest cost satellite launch services provider in the world.

According to officials of Bangalore-headquartered ISRO, GSLV-Mk III is envisaged to launch four tonne satellites into geosynchronous transfer orbit.

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