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India, France kick off 'Garuda-V' joint air exercise

French Air Force's Mirage 2000B & IAF's Su-30MKI during the Garuda IV air exercise in 2010. Photo by Giampaolo Tonello/

JODHPUR (PTI): The fifth Indo-French air exercise 'Garuda-V', in which frontline fighter aircraft of both the countries are taking part, started at the Jodhpur airbase on Monday.

"Both the Air Forces during the war game will practice aerial warfare, including manoeuvres, to carry out surgical strikes that will enhance operational cooperation," defence spokesman Col S D Goswami said.

"The exercise will help both the Air Forces to appreciate intricacies of planning and conduct of combat missions in an Operational Environment," he said.

Fighter aircraft including the Su-30, Mig-27 (UPG), Mig-21 Bison, force multipliers such as AWACS and Flight Refueller Aircraft IL-78 will participate from the Indian side.

France has fielded their frontline Rafale fighter aircraft along with the KC-135 refueller.

The previous edition of the exercise was held at Istres, France in 2010.


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