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India, Nepal joint military exercise begins in Pithoragarh

PITHORAGARH, U'KHAND (PTI): Joint exercises in general combat and mountain warfare will form part of the two-week-long 5th Indo-Nepal war games, which began here on Tuesday.

The joint military exercise will also include anti-insurgency operations in hilly terrains and relief and rescue operations at the time of natural disasters.

The military exercise will conclude on October 6, an Indian Army source said.

"Over 900 Indian and Nepali troops are taking part in this exercise being conducted in mountainous terrains of the area shared by the geography of both the countries in this part of Indo-Nepal border," an Indian army spokesman said.

He said the exercise would prove to be another link of cooperation between the two neighbouring countries.

"The joint military exercises between Indian and Nepal began at platoon level, which has now reached at company level. This shows that both the countries are heading towards higher level of cooperation in the direction of sharing military methodology," the spokesman said.

According to Army sources, after having joint exercise at different locations in the state, Army jawans from both the countries will present cultural programmes on the concluding night of October 6.


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