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India, US to hold joint wargame next month

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NEW DELHI (PTI): Special Forces of India and the US will engage each other in wargames codenamed Exercise Vajra Prahar in Himachal Pradesh next month.

In the 20-day exercise starting October 15, the two sides will participate in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations under the UN mandate, Army officials said here.

The wargames would be held at the Special Forces Training School at Nahan in Himachal Pradesh.

The joint exercises are aimed at achieving better understanding of each other's capabilities and to develop the ability to operate jointly, they said.

Over the past few years, the armed forces of India and the US have stepped up joint training programmes, particularly manoeuvres that will help them jointly tackle terrorist threats.

India has also purchased special weapons and equipment for its commando units from the US including the M-4 assault rifle which has been used extensively in American operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Recently, the Indian troops had visited Seattle in the US for taking part in the Exercise Shatrujeet - another series of exercise between the Special Forces of the two countries.

In another related development, India and Thailand started their joint Army exercise called 'Ex Maitrayee' at Ramgarh in Bihar.

The Army will also hold staff talks with Bangladesh later this month where the two sides will decide on the course of action for future joint training programmes.


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